Topic-Focused Discussions of Research and Practice

These brief, accessible papers, written by language leaders, address topics of interest in our field.

Community-Based Heritage Language Schools: A Rich Part of the Language Landscape

 This paper, written by the Coalition Core Team, describes the importance of community-based heritage language schools in the history and current life of this country and, in light of the recent report, America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century (2017), argues that we all want and need to work together to make these schools visible and make connections between them and language education and recognition of proficiency in public and private schools.

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Becoming bilingual in Spanish and English: Why is it important? What can parents do?

This paper, by Joy Kreeft Peyton and Ana Lucia Lico, published in Univision News (November 1, 2017), argues that when parents of immigrant children, and children born in the United States, value their mother tongue, keep it alive at home and in the community, and provide opportunities for their children to experience their language and culture in meaningful ways, these children can become bilingual. It gives a list of practical tips to guide parents in facilitating the development of bilingual children. The article focuses on Spanish, but the principles and tips can apply to all heritage languages.

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