U.S. Umbrella Organizations

Some community-based schools have umbrella organizations that bring them together and support their work.



The Association of Bulgarian Schools (ABSA) is an initiative established to link partner schools with a central organization for information and support. The organizational goals are to assist the community-based HL schools in teaching the language and culture of Bulgaria at all proficiency levels and to present their interests to Bulgaria and U.S. government agencies, professional organizations, and other stakeholders. The organization is working on enhancing the professional development of Bulgarian language school educators and administrators by organizing a yearly conference and offering a forum for sharing best practices concerning the teaching of the language and culture of Bulgaria. ABSA is assisting educators and administrators in establishing new Bulgarian language schools in the United States.



Association of Chinese Schools (ACS) is a regional Chinese community-based heritage language school organization. It covers northeast U.S. states from New England to Virginia, in six regions. ACS holds its annual conference each May during Memorial Day weekend; locations vary.

  The Chinese School Association of the United States (CSAUS) was founded in 1994. It is a national non-profit of Chinese language education in the United States. Its mission is to maximize cooperation and exchange between all Chinese schools in the nation, promote Chinese language and culture education, and contribute to the overall China-America cultural exchange and cooperation.
  National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS) is a national Chinese community-based heritage language school organization, an umbrella for thirteen regional organizations. The National Council holds its annual conference each August; locations vary.



Czech Schools in North America is an informal initiative connecting Czech heritage language schools across the U.S. and Canada. It holds its annual conference each June; locations vary.



Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (NOB). Approximately 180 Dutch schools are based in unique locations around the world, where passionate teachers provide outstanding education using often modest resources. The foundation supports educational staff as well as the administrative board. It provides services with the aim to professionalize staff and retain the quality of education.



German American School Association of Northern California (GASANC) is an umbrella organization that represents seven independently operated German Language Saturday schools in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The annual GASANC Workshop for all teachers of German takes place at the end of August each year.
  The German Language School Conference (GLSC) works with the German Embassy, the German Consulate General New York, professional agencies and organizations, as well as scholars involved in teaching German worldwide. It holds its Annual Professional Development and Networking Conference each November in New York City. Founded in 1978, it is the only national organization dedicated to the needs of community-based German language schools in the United States. Its mission is to link member schools with a central organization for information and support. It assists in the establishment of new language schools and provides a forum for sharing experiences and advice.



American Hungarian Schools Association is a non-profit umbrella organization for weekend Hungarian schools in the United States. While our focus is on Hungarian language instruction, we are also members of the Coalition of Community-Based Heritage Language Schools and open to collaboration with many partner institutions. On our English pages we offer a podcast and a book to principles, introduce a few Hungarian cultural links, offer scholarships to study in Hungary and, if you had Hungarian heritage down the line, a program to visit the old country, called Reconnect Hungary.



The Korean School Association of America (KSSA) was founded in 1982 to enhance the mutual relationship and cooperation between Korean schools in the United States, help improve the quality of Korean language and culture education and expand learning opportunities, promote the pride of the descendants of Koreans and establish their identity through sound Korean language and culture education, and provide recommendations on the bilingual education policy in Korea and the U.S.

The National Association for Korean Schools (NAKS) cultivates the development of strong bonds of friendship among Korean schools and instruction in Korean language, culture and history. It is an organization operating with the goal of nurturing and educating Korean-American students and families in the U.S.

Published: Monday, November 5, 2018