Roles of Language Representatives

Coalition Language Representatives are closely engaged with those working in their language community (which includes community-based language schools) and interested in making connections with other language groups and with the national effort, the Coalition. In working with the Coalition, a Language Representative might do the following:


  • Serve as a liaison between the language community (particularly community-based schools teaching the language) and the Coalition
    Send messages from the Coalition to the community and schools about new issues and initiatives
  • Stay in touch with issues in their community that the Coalition might address and resources that the Coalition might make available
  • Solicit feedback from their community about the Coalition’s mission, goals, and activities and communicate the feedback to the Coalition
  • Share with the Coalition any relevant information, resources, and updates about activities of their language group

Annual Conference:

  • Send announcements about the annual conference to their language community and schools
  • Work with their language community and schools to facilitate  participation in the conference, in what ways
  • Make suggestions about sessions to be presented at the conference and possible presenters from the community and schools at the conference

Survey of Schools:

  • Help the Coalition to stay up to date about community-based heritage language schools teaching their language by creating a list of those  schools
  •  Send the community-based schools survey to their language community, so that all schools are documented
  • Know which language schools are documented in the survey
  • Try to find unlisted schools by asking leaders of documented schools if they know of other schools in their language community

Coalition Webinars, Discussions, and Social Media:

  • Encourage members of their language community and schools to participate in the Coalition’s webinars and online discussions and to follow the Coalition's social media posts
  • Suggest content for the Coalition's website and social media (relevant to all languages)
  • Offer to organize webinars and online discussions on topics of their choice (relevant to all languages)


Published: Thursday, May 4, 2017